About macrostreet

Macrostreet is a financial news and analysis platform that aims to provide the latest news and actionable news across assets like stocks, cryptocurrencies, bonds, commodities, and currencies. We are a young organization staffed by some of the best professionals in the industry.

We are led by Chris Nyaga, a veteran in the financial services industry. He has contributed in some of the top platforms like SeekingAlpha, Capital.com, InvestingCube, Invezz, and BanklessTimes.

In addition to breaking news, our website provides actionable insights that will help you become a better trader and investor. Here are some of our top qualities:

  • Unbeatable expertise.
  • Actionable insights. 
  • Clear and concise communication.
  • A personalized experience for all readers.

We have an office in Nairobi but our staff are from around the world. You can get in touch with us by following this link. Also, have a look at our terms and conditions here and our editorial policies here.